Tradeshow Information and Floorplan

Amazing Tradeshow

The Western Conference on Safety tradeshow is much more than a place to shop. With 80 tradeshow booths it’s designed to be an integral part of your learning experience with a superb range of new services and technologies to examine. Safety product suppliers, safety training agencies, non-profit safety associations, and many other organizations will be showing their latest innovations and products.

Please note: If you are contacted by any company representing themselves as a booking agent for hotel guest rooms at the Western Conference on Safety, the Western Conference on Safety has not contracted with any company in regards to hotel room bookings. If you are looking for accommodations for the Western Conference on Safety you should contact the Hyatt Regency Hotel directly. The link to book on line is or call 1-888-421-1442.

Exhibition Policy

To distribute information or conduct business, you must have a tradeshow booth. The Western Conference on Safety reserves the right to remove anyone who violates this policy.

Tradeshow Hours:

Monday April 9, 2018
7:00am – 3:30pm

Tuesday April 10, 2018
7:00am – 1:15pm


3M Canada

AMA Fleet Safety Services

sponsor-icon2BC Doctors of Optometry

BC Construction Safety Alliance

BC Federation of Labour Health & Safety Centre

BC Municipal Safety Association

sponsor-icon2BC One Call

BC SafetyLink

BIS Training Solutions

sponsor-icon2Bits In Glass Inc.

Brady Canada

Carleton Rescue Equipment


Chemscape Safety Technologies

sponsor-icon2Concept Controls Inc.


Custom Protect Ear

sponsor-icon2Delta Safety Tech Inc.

Dynamic Rescue Systems

Edge Eyewear

sponsor-icon2E.I. DuPont Canada

Global Hazmat Inc.

Guillevin International Co.

Hazmasters Inc.

Honeywell Footwear

Horizon Occupational Health Solutions

Labour Program

Leavitt Machinery


Lifemark Health

Louisville Ladder Corp.

Master Lock Canada Inc.

MediQuest Technologies Inc.

pico Tera Electronics Inc.

Potti Corp.

ProTELEC CheckMate

Radiation Safety Institute of Canada

Road Safety at Work

SafetyDriven Trucking Safety Council of BC



Simon Fraser University

SiteDocs Safety Corp.

Thinking Driver Fleet Safety

Total Safety Services Inc.

Treen Safety (Worksafe) Inc.

sponsor-icon2The Universal Group

University of Fredericton (UFred)

University of New Brunswick

W.L. Gore & Associates

Work Authority


Floor Plan: